Monday, March 23, 2009

Otter Mod Pattern

You will need to have PlanetJune's Woodland Creatures Pattern handy when making the otter, as the head, ears, and most of the body are part of the pattern. (Plus PJune's patterns are just awesome in general. Fun, simple, and easy to modify if you want to! Totally worth the $4.50! :D ) Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions!

  • Crochet hook (You'll need a J or I hook if you want it to turn out the size pictured)
  • Yarn
  • Yarn Needle
  • Eyes (I used 9mm here)

  • sc=single crochet
  • dc=double crochet
  • hdc=half-double crochet
  • inc=increase (sc 2 in same st)
  • dec=decrease (sc 2 together)
  • sl st=slip stitch
  • ch=chain
  • st=stitch
Pattern is worked in the round, except for the tail, ears, and nose.

Follow the Woodland Creatures pattern until you come to sc around for the body. (Now is a great time to add the eyes, by the way) Then:
R11-15: Sc around.
R16: *Sc 2, inc, rep from * around.
R17-21: Sc around.
R22: *Sc 2, dec, rep from * around.
Follow the rest of the directions on finishing the body, and set it aside.
Stuffing note: I recommend weighting the bottom of the body just a little bit, to help it stay it it's feet.

R1: With dark brown yarn(DB) (if your otter's body color is different, replace DB with that), ch 2. Sc 4 in second ch from hook
R2: With light brown yarn (LB), inc in next 2 sts. Inc with DB in last 2 sts.
R3: Ch 1 while still in DB. Sc with LB, ch 1, repeat until you come to the end of the LB sts. Sc DB sts regularly with DB.
Sl st into last DB st, FO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Ch 4, sc 1 into 4th ch from hook. FO and sew to muzzle, trying to keep the triangular shape. Set muzzle aside.

EARS (Make 2)
Make the ones from the Squirrel pattern and set aside.

ARMS (Make 2)
R1: Ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook. (6 st)
R2-8: Sc around.
FO, leaving long tail for sewing. Stuff lightly.

If you want to be able to pose the arms, slide a length of pipe cleaner (the same length as the arm after folding down the end you want to go in the paw) in the arm after stuffing.

FEET (Make 2)
Ch 2, 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook.
R1: Sc around. (4 st)
R2: Sc, inc. twice. (6 st)
R3-6: Sc around. (If you're using a hook size smaller then I or J, you might want to do only 3 rows of sc here)
Stuff, preferably with weight. (BBs or pellets work perfectly!)
R7: Sc, dec, repeat once. Sl st across hole, pull yarn through. Leave a long tail for sewing.

This is adjustable, depending on your hook size.
Ch 12.
Starting in second ch from hook, hdc 8, dc in last 3 sts. Sl st in last st you worked and FO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

You should have a decent pile of odd pieces, now it's time to put 'em together and make yourself an otter! Refer to pictures as needed.
First, position the feet so they lie flat underneath the body, and sew them on.
Next sew the arms on, placing them on either side of the upper body.
Then sew the muzzle on to the front of the head. Use the light brown yarn to sew in the LB sts, and dark brown to sew in the DB sts.
Sew the ears on the top sides of the head.
Sew the tail on the bottom back of the body.

An' there y'have it, mates! You've just made your very own swashbuckling otter! :D

Original pattern copyright June Gilbank, modifications copyright Amigal of Ravelry and Hannah Gettig.

Size comparison, next to one of the CD audiobook cases:

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