Thursday, January 22, 2009

Patterns List

There's oh-so-many different creatures in the Redwall series. So here's a compiled list of all the patterns I'm using for each species. If there isn't a link, then I'm still figuring it out.

Moles: PlanetJune's Woodland Creatures (With G hook)
Squirrels: PlanetJune's Woodland Creatures (with a H or I hook)
Mice: Modified Woodland Creatures (Found here)
Hedgehogs: PlanetJune's Woodland Creatures (with H or I hook)
Otters: Modified Woodland Creatures (Found here)
Badgers: My own pattern. (Posted here)
Hares: My own pattern. (Posted here)
Shrews: Modified Woodland Creatures (Found here)


Foxes: My own pattern, coming soon!
Ferrets: My own basic ermine pattern (to be made and then posted in full)
Stoats: My own basic ermine pattern (to be made and then posted in full)
Searats: ?
Weasels: My own basic ermine pattern (to be made and then posted in full)
Rats: Smaller version of searat pattern
Pine Martens: My own basic ermine pattern (to be made and then posted in full)

Goshawk: ?
Golden Eagle: ?
Robin: Robin Pattern from Roman Sock
Goose: ?
Short-Eared Brown Owl: Ana Paula Rimoli's Little Owl pattern
Grey Heron: ?
General Little Bird (Dipper, from Martin the Warrior): This Pattern

Dolphin: Dolphin Pattern
Bat: Townie the Bat
Toad: Roman Sock Toads
Wildcat: Probably a slightly tweaked version of the kitty here. Or maybe my own.
Eel: ?
Giant Pike: ?
Newt: This pattern
Bankvole: Modified version of PlanetJune's Woodland Creatures basic pattern.
Rabbits (Not the same as hares!): Probably a modified version of the hare pattern.
Snakes: A tube from my knitting machine, plus lots of sewing to make the shape exactly right.

Various Tribes to Sort Out:
Flitchaye - Runty weasels
Gawtrybe - Squirrels
Pygmy Rats - Self-explanatory.
Painted Ones - Tree rats
Highbeasts - Pygmy shrews

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mission

First off, welcome to the blog! :)

I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm a crafty teenage bookworm, with a special geeky interest in crochet. Feel free to call me Mae. :)

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the crafty journey I've taken up. Specifically, making an amigurumi version of Redwall.

This includes:

-Nearly every named character in the Redwall book series.
-Personal accessories if they have them.
-Redwall Abbey, complete in all it's glory (with furnishings, food, a tapestry, and more!)
-Other major buildings and landmarks in the series.

List of possibilies:
-Ships, with sections of the various parts of the sea/rivers they sailed on.

First set will be when Martin the Warrior is still alive: Legend of Luke, Martin the Warrior, and Mossflower.

There will be pictures, patterns (both links to the patterns I found and used, and also the ones I had to create myself), general updates and lists. I hope you'll find this project as interesting and fun as I do! :)

The Redwall Series and all it includes is copyright Brian Jacques. This blog and crochet project is purely for a fan's personal enjoyment, and the author of this blog is not profiting in any way.